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Ya lo ves

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Ya lo ves (You See) is the title of a tango written by Luis Rubistein in 1941. The music was composed by Juan D'Arienzo.




Juan D'Arienzo

Year of composition:



Lyrics writer(s):

Luis Rubistein

After years of suffering because of him, his old love is still by his side, without reproaches. Life, however, has given the poet what he deserved and now he, admitting his guilt, asks the woman to abandon him, to free herself from all the failures she doesn't deserve to suffer for.


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Spanish: Ya lo ves

La vida es tan extraña y es tan compleja,
ya ves, quién lo diría, que estás aquí
sin darme ni un reproche, sin lágrimas, sin quejas,
pagándome con besos lo que te di...
Pudieran esos labios gritar: ¡Canalla!
Bramar por tus angustias, quebrar mi voz.
Pero me quieres tanto que sigues junto a mí
buscando con caricias mi salvación...

¡Ya lo ves!
Vos sos la misma, todo es igual…
Te di mentiras a cambio de amor
y la vida me dio mal por mal.
Me anduve arrastrando por tantos caminos,
mordiendo un recuerdo, soñando volver...
¡Ya lo ves!
Vuelvo a encontrar en mi amor de ayer
la pasión suave y serena,
que en noches de ausencia
con ansias busqué...

No quiero que en tus ojos se junten penas;
me duele que te quedes sufriendo aquí.
Ya sé tus sacrificios, ya sé que sos muy buena,
que no merezco nada que hagas por mí.
Déjame que me muera, si es mi castigo
por todo el mal que un día le di a tu amor.
Ya ves que, al fin de cuentas, mi vida fue peor,
que pago con angustias mi desamor.

English: You See

Life is so strange and so complex,
you see, who would have said it: you're here,
with not one reproach, no tears, no complaints,
paying with kisses for what I gave you...
Those lips could well yell out “you scoundrel!“,
roar because of your sorrows, break my voice.
But you love me so much you stay here by me,
seeking my salvation with your caresses...

You see!
You're the same, it's all the same...
I gave you lies in return for your love
and life repaid me evil for evil.
And I crawled along so many roads,
biting into a memory, dreaming to return...
You see!
I find again in my love of yesterday
the soft and serene passion
that in nights of absence
I so longingly sought...

I don't want sorrows to gather in your eyes;
it hurts me that you stay here suffering.
I already know your sacrifices, I already know you're very good,
that I don't deserve anything you might do for me.
Let me die, if it's my punishment
for all the misery I once brought to your love.
You see that, in the end, my life was worse,
that I pay for my indifference with anguish.


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