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Viento malo

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Viento malo (Evil Wind) is the title of a tango written by José María Suñé in 1944. The music was composed by Miguel Nijensohn and José Nieso.




Miguel Nijensohn
José Nieso

Year of composition:



Lyrics writer(s):

José María Suñé

Some time after the failure of their love story, the poet lets her beloved know his feelings for her still live, and encourages her to hold onto the memories of their happy times together, in order to defeat the destructive power that caused their separation, that violent, exterior force, compared by the poet to an "evil wind".


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Spanish: Viento malo

Si la voz del pasado despierta contigo
no la apartes de tu lado,
que esa voz es el regalo
que te manda mi pasión.
Te dirá que lo nuestro
aún vive conmigo,
que no hay nadie que al oído
te regale como yo
madrigales en canción.

Si esa voz del pasado
se arrulla contigo
vencerás al viento malo
que nos hizo tanto daño
malquistando nuestro amor.
Se hará un canto el anhelo que viene contigo,
construiremos nuestro nido
olvidando de aquel viento malo del ayer.

Era un sueño que cantaba en los dos,
era un beso de ternura en la voz,
era el ángel que el destino
nos presenta en la ilusión.
Pero vino un viento malo
soplando… soplando…
y envolviendo en su furor
nuestro sueño y nuestro amor
sin piedad los destruyó.

English: Evil Wind

If a voice from the past wakes up by you,
don't push it aside:
that voice is the gift
my passion sends to you.
It will tell you that our love
still lives within me,
that there is no one who, as I once did,
sings to your ear
a gift of madrigals.

If that voice from the past
lulls you and itself to sleep,
you will defeat the evil wind
that so harmed us
by estranging our love.
The longing beside you
will become a song, we will build our nest
forgetting that evil wind of yesterday.

It was a dream that sang in both of us,
it was voiced tender kiss,
it was the angel presented
by destiny in hope.
But an evil wind came along
blowing... blowing...
and wrapping them in its frenzy,
mercilessly destroyed
our dream and our love.


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