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Tu voz

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Tu voz (Your Voice) is the title of a tango written by Ricardo Duggan. The music was composed by Juan Antonio Migliore.




Juan Antonio Migliore

Year of composition:


Lyrics writer(s):

Ricardo Duggan

After his beloved's parting, the sad poet longs for her voice and the happiness it once brought to his life.


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Spanish: Tu voz

Te miré partir sin sollozar,
ahogó mi llanto la emoción
que sentí al separarnos.
Presentí la angustia de la ausencia,
tuve mucho miedo de estar solo.
¡Qué triste es ver partir
a quien se sabe amar,
pensando que tal vez
nunca sabremos su regreso!
Te miré partir sin sollozar,
ahogó mi llanto la emoción,
te dije adiós y me alejé.
Tu voz
trajo tanta ensoñación
a mi vida ya sin luz,
que creí que nunca, nunca
marcharías de mi lado.
No fue el miedo de perderte
que me dio tanta tristeza.
Tu voz...
Es tu voz que ya jamás
a mi lado escucharé
conjugando el verbo amar.

English: Your Voice

I watched you leave without a sob,
my tears were drowned by the emotion
I felt as we parted.
I sensed the anguish of absence
and was much afraid of being lonely.
How sad it is to see
the beloved one depart,
thinking we might never
know of their return!
I watched you leave without a sob,
emotion drowned my tears,
I bid you farewell and went away.

Your voice
brought so much dreaming
into my already dim life,
that I thought you would never, ever
leave my side.
It wasn't the fear of losing you
that gave me so much sadness.
Your voice...
It's your voice that I won't
anymore hear by my side
conjugating the verb ’to love’.


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