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Total pa' qué sirvo

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Total pa' qué sirvo (What Am I Good For, Anyway?) is the title of a tango written by Enrique Dizeo in 1941. The music was composed by Aníbal Troilo.




Aníbal Troilo

Year of composition:



Lyrics writer(s):

Enrique Dizeo

Having lost his love to another man, the resigned poet, feeling he has nothing to lose whatsoever, plans to chase him and have a decisive confrontation, regardless of the danger that would mean to his life.


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Spanish: Total pa' qué sirvo

No sé, pero a veces quisiera encontrarlo
así frente a frente, pa'ver si es capaz
de mirarme fijo al interpelarlo
ya que es de coraje como lo pintás.
¿O creés que he nacido pa'vivir temblando?
Soy mucho más hombre de lo sabe él.
Desde hoy, día y noche lo vi'andar buscando
y donde se cuadre ya me vas a ver.

Total, ¡pa'qué sirvo!
Sin ella mi vida,
no es vida ni es nada.
No sé más quién qué soy.
Total, ¡pa'qué sirvo!
Si mi alma está herida,
si no hay madrugada
que me halle dormido,
me encuentro perdido.
¡No ves cómo estoy!

Pensé muchas noches en no hacerle caso,
dejarlo tranquilo, perdonar su acción,
y no hallo remedio; mis horas las paso
cerrando los puños con esta obsesión.
Habló mi experiencia. Por eso hasta ahora,
luché pa'ser fuerte, no lo quise ver.
Y todo es inútil, mis ojos la lloran…
Tendré que perderme por esa mujer.

English: What Am I Good For, Anyway?

I don’t know but sometimes I wish I’d find him
like this, face to face, to see if he’s capable
of looking at me in the eye when I question him,
since you describe him as a brave man.
Or do you think I was born to live trembling?
I’m much more of a man than he knows of.
From today on, I’ll be seeking him day and night
and wherever he shows up, you’ll see...

After all, what am I good for, anyway?
Without her my life
is not a life nor anything else.
I don’t know who I am anymore.
After all, what am I good for, anyway?
My soul is hurt,
there’s no early morning
that will find me asleep.
I feel lost...
Don’t you see how I am!

Many nights I’ve thought about ignoring him,
to just let him be, to forgive his deed,
and I find no comfort; I spend my hours
clenching this obsession in my fists.
My experience spoke. That’s why until now,
I’ve struggled to be strong, I didn’t want to see.
And it’s all useless, my eyes weep for her...
I’ll have to lose myself for that woman.


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