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Todo te nombra

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Todo te nombra (Everything Calls Your Name) is the title of a tango written by Ivo Pelay. The music was composed by Francisco Canaro.




Francisco Canaro

Year of composition:


Lyrics writer(s):

Ivo Pelay

Far from his love and despite the distance, the poet can't escape the memories and feels the presence of his beloved all around him.


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Spanish: Todo te nombra

Desterrado de un amor...
Peregrino de un querer...
Fugitivo de tus ojos,
sólo sueño con volver
y mis noches se despueblan
y de brumas es mi amanecer.

De tu amor soy un cautivo
porque en mí todo te nombra;
desde el mar que brama altivo
hasta el valle, que furtivo,
de tu amor me habla en la sombra.
Al cantar, te nombra el ave...
Al morir, te nombra el día...
Y al pasar, el aire suave
ecos trae de lejanía
que te nombran sin cesar...

Que me puedas olvidar
mientras sólo pienso en ti,
que me niegues el cariño
mientras tengo tu alma en mí,
son las dudas que me envuelven
desde el día que te conocí.

English: Everything Calls Your Name

Banished from a love...
Pilgrim of an affection...
Fugitive from your eyes,
I only dream of returning,
and my nights become deserted
and my dawn is made of mist.

Of your love I am captive
because in me, everything calls your name;
from the arrogantly roaring sea
to the valley, that furtive,
speaks of your love in the shadow.
Singing, the bird calls your name...
Dying, the day calls your name...
And passing, the soft air
brings distant echoes
that ceaselessly call your name...

That you may forget me
while all I think about is you,
that you deny me your affection
while I keep your soul within me,
those are the doubts that envelop me
since the day I met you.


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