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Toda mi vida

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Toda mi vida (All of My Life) is the title of a tango written by José María Contursi in 1941. The music was composed by Aníbal Troilo.




Aníbal Troilo

Year of composition:



Lyrics writer(s):

José María Contursi

Far from the beloved woman, the poet has left his entire life at her feet. Unable to appease his suffering, knowing that she's forgotten him, he senses his own death, and is left sad, wondering what went wrong.


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Spanish: Toda mi vida

Hoy, después de tanto tiempo
de no verte, de no hablarte,
ya cansado de buscarte
siempre, siempre,
siento que me voy muriendo
por tu olvido, lentamente,
y en el frío de mi frente
tus besos no dejarás.

Sé que mucho me has querido
tanto, tanto como yo;
pero, en cambio, yo he sufrido
mucho, mucho más que vos.
No sé por qué te perdí,
tampoco sé cuándo fue,
pero a tu lado dejé
toda mi vida,
y hoy que estás lejos de mí
y has conseguido olvidar,
soy un pasaje de tu vida, nada más.

¡Es tan poco lo que falta
para irme con la muerte!
Ya mis ojos no han de verte
nunca, nunca.

Y si un día, por mi culpa,
una lágrima vertiste,
porque tanto me quisiste
sé que me perdonarás.

English: All of My Life

Today, after such a long time
without seeing you, without talking to you,
already tired of looking for you
always, always,
I feel I'm dying
because of your oblivion, slowly,
and that on the coolness of my brow
you won't place your kisses anymore.

I know you've loved me dearly,
much, so much as I’ve loved you;
but I, in turn, have suffered
much, much more than you.
I don't know why I lost you,
nor do I know when it happened,
but by your side I left
all of my life,
and today that you’re far from me
and you’ve succeeded at forgetting,
I'm only a passage of your life, nothing more.

I've such a short time left
until I go along with death!
My eyes won’t see you
ever, ever again.

And if there was ever one day when,
because of me, you poured a tear,
because you loved me so much
I know you’ll forgive me.


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