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This is the template "Infobox TJ".

Do not use this template in a text, use the TJ form instead.

The parameters:

{{Infobox TJ
|Foto =
|TJ or TJane =
|TJ name =
|Real name =
|TJ since = 
|Website = 
|Facebook page = 
|Contact = 
|Homebase city = 
|Homebase country = 
|Style = 
|International experience = 
|Played milonga = 
|Festivals = (automatic)


  • Foto: (optional) Upload foto or logo
  • TJ or TJane: TJ, TJane or TJ collective
  • TJ name: Artist name
  • Real name: Real name
  • TJ since: Year
  • Website: (optional)
  • Facebook page: (optional)
  • Contact: (optional) E-mail address
  • Homebase: (optional) Place of residence; city and country
  • Played milonga: (optional) At what milongas has the TJ played. Choose from existing milongas.
  • Regular milonga website: (optional)
  • Style: Only Traditional, Mixed, Tango Nuevo
  • International experience: YES/NO
  • Festivals: What festivals the TJ has played. Is automatically shown.

Further international activities, festivals, marathons, milongas, references etc. can be placed into the "free text" area in the form.

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