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This template is used for the infobox in song articles (lyrics). This infobox should not necessarily be used by itself, instead use the Form:Song.

This template automatically includes the recordings of this tune stored in the TangoWiki into the page.


Examples of the use of this infobox can be found in articles in the Category:Lyrics.

Mastercode for embedding

Mandatory parts are marked bold.

{{ Infobox Song
| Filename =
| Caption = 
| Is Instrumental =
| Writer1 =
| Writer2 =
| Composer1 =
| Composer2 =
| Year of composition =
| Genre =


  • Filename: (optional) Fill in the file name, e.g. BIAGI_55306_A.jpg
  • Caption: (optional) Title of the image
  • Is Instrumental: (optional), possible value: Yes. Either the song is instrumental OR it has a writer/writers.
  • Writer1: Author, text writer, song writer (lyrics, not music)
  • Writer2: (optional) 2nd text writer - can be left out, if there is only one writer
  • Composer1: Composer
  • Composer2: (optional) If there is a 2nd composer, it can be included here
  • Year of composition: The year of the composition (not the recording)
  • Genre: Genre


The code has to be put in the beginning of the source code and the parameters filled in accordingly, e.g.:

{{ Infobox Song
| Filename = BIAGI_55306_A.jpg
| Caption = Shellac
| Writer1 = Pedro Pidoto
| Composer1 = Ramón Elidio Argüello
| Year of composition = 1951
| Genre = Vals