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This is the "Infobox Person" template.

It should be used for every person on the TangoWiki. Do not use this template as it is, fill pages with the person form instead.

Note: For singers use the Infobox Singer.

It should be called in the following format:

Mastercode for embedding

{{Infobox Person
|Foto = 
|Caption = 
|Full civil name = 
|Artist name = 
|Nickname = 
|Date of birth = 
|Date of death = 
|City of birth = 
|Country of birth = 
|City of death = 
|Country of death = 
|Roles = 
|Instrument = 

Edit the page to see the template text.


  • Artist name: The artist names can be more than one value, add all known pseudonyms.
  • Nickname: Different form artist name: Nickname is what the person gets called by others, artist name is what the person calls themselves.
  • Roles: Choose certain values. See the property page Has roles for all allowed values.
    • Instrument: If the role is "Musician", further selection can be made. Choose the instrument or many instruments. See the property Plays instrument for all allowed values.