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This template is used for the infobox in song articles (lyrics). This infobox should not necessarily be used by itself, instead use the Form:Lyrics.


Examples of the use of this infobox can be found in articles in the Category:Lyrics.

Mastercode for embedding

Mandatory parts are marked bold.

{{ Infobox Lyrics
| Filename =
| Caption = 
| Writer1 =
| Writer2 =
| Composer1 =
| Composer2 =
| Year of composition =
| Genre =


  • Filename: (optional) Fill in the file name, e.g. BIAGI_55306_A.jpg
  • Caption: (optional) Title of the image
  • Writer1: Author, text writer, song writer (lyrics, not music)
  • Writer2: (optional) 2nd text writer - can be left out, if there is only one writer
  • Composer1: Composer
  • Composer2: (optional) If there is a 2nd composer, it can be included here
  • Year of composition: The year of the composition (not the recording)
  • Genre: Genre


The code has to be put in the beginning of the source code and the parameters filled in accordingly, e.g.:

{{ Infobox Song
| Filename = BIAGI_55306_A.jpg
| Caption = Shellac
| Writer1 = Pedro Pidoto
| Composer1 = Ramón Elidio Argüello
| Year of composition = 1951
| Genre = Vals