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Tango y copas (Otro tango)

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Tango y copas (Otro tango) (Tango and Drinks (Another Tango)) is the title of a tango written by Carlos Bahr in 1943. The music was composed by Héctor Artola.




Héctor Artola

Year of composition:



Lyrics writer(s):

Carlos Bahr


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Spanish: Tango y copas (Otro tango)

Al influjo de tu tango
se despierta mi nostalgia
y al conjuro de tu voz
se me arruga el corazón,
bandoneón de voz amarga.

La nostalgia pide copas
y las copas piden tangos,
venga un tango rezongón,
una copa y la emoción
de evocar el viejo amor.

Otro tango y otra copa
que en mi vida es emoción
que se desborda.
Esta noche tengo ganas
de aturdirme de dolor
y de nostalgias,
aunque sé que vuelvo
a abrir la herida.
Venga tango, vengan copas
que, a su influjo,
lo rescato del ayer.

Emoción de copa y tango
que se enreda en los sentidos
mientras gime el bandoneón
y lamente el corazón
la ilusión que se ha perdido.

La nostalgia pide copas
y las copas piden tangos.
Ronda loca de emoción
donde gira este dolor
de evocar el viejo amor.

English: Tango and Drinks (Another Tango)

To the influence of your tango
my nostalgia awakens,
and to the spell of your voice
my heart wrinkles up,
bitter-voiced bandoneon.

The nostalgia asks for drinks
and drinks demand tangos.
Let a grumbling tango come,
a drink and the emotion
of evoking the old love.

Another tango and another drink
because in my life
it’s an overflowing thrill.
Tonight I feel like
getting stunned with pain
and feelings of nostalgia,
even though I know
I reopen the wound.
Come tango, come on drinks
because, to their influence,
I rescue it from yesterday.

Emotion of alcohol and tango,
that gets tangled up in the senses,
while the bandoneon moans
and the heart laments
the lost illusion.

The nostalgia asks for drinks
and the drinks demand tangos.
Crazy round of emotion
where this pain spins around
evoking the old love.


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