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Tabernero (Bartender) is the name of a tango written by Raúl Costa Oliveri in 1927. The music was composed by Fausto Frontera and Miguel Cafre.




Fausto Frontera
Miguel Cafre

Year of composition:



Lyrics writer(s):

Raúl Costa Oliveri

The poet sings to the bartender, asking him to keep on filling his glass with wine. Resigned to heartache and his loneliness, the only thing left for him to do is to cover up his tears with alcohol. His drunken laughter is thus sadder than the most desperate weeping.


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Spanish: Tabernero

Tabernero, que idiotizas con tus brebajes de fuego,
¡sigue llenando mi copa con tu maldito veneno!
Hasta verme como loco revolcándome en el suelo.
¡Sigue llenando mi copa, buen amigo tabernero!

Cuando me veas borracho,
canturreando un tango obsceno
y entre blasfemias y risas
armar camorra a los ebrios.
¡No me arrojes a la calle,
buen amigo tabernero,
ten en cuenta que me embriago
con tu maldito veneno!...

Yo quiero matar el alma
que idiotiza mi cerebro,
muchos se embriagan con vino
y otros se embriagan con besos...
Como ya no tengo amores
y los que tuve murieron,
placer encuentro en el vino
que me brinda el tabernero.

Todos los que son borrachos
no es por el gusto de serlo,
sólo Dios conoce el alma
que palpita en cada ebrio.
¿No ves mi copa vacía?
¡Echa vino, tabernero!,
que tengo el alma contenta,
con tu maldito veneno...

Sigue llenando mi copa,
¡ja, ja, ja, ja, ja!,
que yo no tengo remedio.

English: Bartender

Bartender, you stupefy with your fiery potions,
keep on filling my glass with your damned poison!
Until you see me rolling on the ground like a madman,
keep on filling my glass, my good friend, bartender!

When you see me drunk,
crooning an obscene tango,
and when cursing and laughing
you see me cause trouble among the drunken,
don’t throw me out onto the street,
my good friend, bartender!
Keep in mind it’s with your damned poison
that I get drunk!...

I want to kill the soul
that stupefies my brain.
Many get drunk from wine
and others get drunk from kisses...
Since I don’t have a love anymore
and those I’ve had are dead now,
I find my pleasure in the wine
the bartender gives to me.

All those who are drunkards,
it’s not because they like to;
only God knows the soul
that throbs in every sot...
Don’t you see my empty glass?
Pour some wine into it, bartender!
I keep my soul merry
with your damned poison...

Keep on filling my glass,
ha ha ha ha ha!
There’s no cure for me…


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