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Suerte loca

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Suerte loca (Crazy Luck) is the title of a tango written by Francisco García Jiménez in 1924. The music was composed by Anselmo Aieta.




Anselmo Aieta

Year of composition:



Lyrics writer(s):

Francisco García Jiménez

The poet sings about his experience in the game of life, in which hope and honesty lead to failure and suffering. The years have taught him that the true ‘crazy luck’ is to maintain the naivety of youth in a world where the golden rule is to lie.


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Spanish: Suerte loca

En el naipe del vivir
suelo acertar la carta de la boca,
y a mi lado oigo decir
que es porque estoy con una suerte loca.
¡Al saber le llaman suerte..!
Yo aprendí viendo trampearme,
y ahora sólo han de coparme
los que banquen con la Muerte.
En el naipe del vivir,
para ganar, primero perdí.

Yo también entré a jugar
confiado en la ceguera del azar
y luego vi que todo era mentir
y el capital en manos del más vil...
No me creés...¡Te pierde el corazón!
¡Qué fe tenés!...¿No ves que no acertás?
¿Que si jugás a cartas de ilusión
son de dolor las cartas que se dan?

No me envidies si me ves
acertador, pues soy el Desengaño...
Y si ciego así perdés,
es que tenés los lindos veinte años...
El tapete es la esperanza
y, a pesar de lo aprendido,
si me dan lo que he perdido
vuelve a hundirme la confianza...
¡Suerte loca es conservar
una ilusión en tanto penar!

English: Crazy Luck

At the game of living
I usually get the right cards out of the mouth,[1]
and by my side I hear say
it's because I have a crazy luck.
They call luck what is, in fact, knowledge!
I've learned watching others trick me,
and now only call my bet
those willing to gamble with Death.
At the game of living,
to win, I first had to lose.

I too entered the game
trusting the blindness of chance
and then I saw it was all about lying
and that the money was in the hands of the most evil…
You don't believe me… The heart makes you lose!
You have such faith! Don't you see you don't get it right?
That if you bet on cards of hope,
it's painful ones that you'll receive?

Don't envy me if you see me
getting it right, because I'm Disillusion…
And if, blind, you lose like you do,
it's because you're still in your lovely twenties…
The card table is hope
and, in spite of what I've learned,
if I should get back what I've lost
trust will ruin me again…
It's a crazy luck indeed to preserve
a hope amidst so much sorrow!


  1. In certain gambling games, such as baccarat, the cards are dealt from a gaming device called the shoe, and the opening through which the cards are drawn would be the mouth.

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