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Sueño de juventud

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Sueño de juventud (Dream of Youth) is the title of a tango vals written and composed by Enrique Santos Discépolo in 1931.




Enrique Santos Discépolo

Year of composition:



Lyrics writer(s):

Enrique Santos Discépolo

The poet sings about the suffering of two young lovers after their first disappointment in love.


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Spanish: Sueño de juventud

Sufres porque me aleja
la fe de un mañana
que busco afanoso
tan sólo por ti.
Es un collar de estrellas
que tibio desgranan
tus ojos hermosos
llorándome así.

Sueño de juventud
que muere en tu adiós,
tímida remembranza
que añoraré,
canto de una esperanza
que ambicioné
acariciando tu alma
en mi soledad.
Mi pobre corazón
no sabe querer,
y al ver que lo alejan de ti
sólo sabe llorar,
sólo sabe gemir,
sangrando al morir
en tu adiós...

Lírico amor primero,
caricia y tortura,
castigo y dulzura
de mi amanecer.
Yo acunaré en un canto
tu inmensa ternura,
buscando en mi cielo
tu imagen de ayer.

English: Dream of Youth

You suffer because I'm driven away
by my faith in a future
I eagerly look for
only because of you.
It's a string of stars
that your beautiful eyes
warmly unstring
crying over me so.

Dream of youth
that dies in your goodbye,
timid remembrance
I will long for,
song of a hope
that I coveted
caressing your soul
in my loneliness.
My poor heart
doesn't know how to love,
and seeing itself pushed away from you
only knows to cry,
only knows to moan,
bleeding as it dies
in your farewell.

Lyrical, first love,
caress and torture,
punishment and sweetness
of my dawn.
I will cradle in a song
your immense tenderness,
looking in my sky
for yesterday's picture of you.


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