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Soledad, la de Barracas

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Soledad, la de Barracas (Soledad, the one from Barracas) is the title of a tango written by Carlos Bahr in 1945. The music was composed by Roberta Garza.




Roberta Garza

Year of composition:



Lyrics writer(s):

Carlos Bahr

Encouraged by alcohol, the poet begins to remember Soledad, a love from the past who has, however, left an indeleble mark in his life.


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Spanish: Soledad, la de Barracas

Aunque no tuve colegio
a nadie supe faltar.
Hoy ando medio animado
con unos tragos de más.
Es que evocando el pasado
se me dio por festejar.
Como no tengo costumbre
media copa me hace mal.

Disculpen si me he pasado.
No me gusta importunar,
pero charlo demasiado
cuando tomo un par de tragos
y me da por recordar.
La cosa fue por Barracas.
La llamaban Soledad.
No hubo muchacha más guapa...
Soledad, la de Barracas,
que me trajo soledad.

Para servirlos, Vallejo,
bastante mayor de edad.
Conozco mejores días
y supe andar en señor.
Uno está abajo o arriba
según mande el corazón.
Todo ha cambiado en mi vida
por una historia de amor.

English: Soledad[1], the one from Barracas[2]

Even though I didn’t go to school,
I never failed anybody.
Today I’m a little lively
with a few extra drinks.
It’s just that recalling the past
I felt like celebreting.
Because I’m not used to it,
half a glass is hard on me.

Forgive me if I’ve gone too far.
I don’t like to bother,
but I chat too much
when I have a few drinks
and begin to remember.
The thing happened around Barracas.
They called her Soledad.
There was no woman more beautiful than her...
Soledad, the one from Barracas,
who brought me loneliness.

At your service, Vallejo,
already quite come of age.
I’ve seen better days
and knew how to go around as a gentleman.
One is down or up-high,
according to what the heart dictates.
Everything’s changed in my life
because of a love story.


  1. Soledad: Female name. Its meaning in Spanish is ’loneliness’.
  2. Barracas is a neighbourhood of the city of Buenos Aires.

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