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Sin palabras

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Sin palabras (Without Words) is the title of a tango written by Enrique Santos Discépolo in 1946. the music was composed by Mariano Mores.




Mariano Mores

Year of composition:



Lyrics writer(s):

Enrique Santos Discépolo

The poet sends out his song as a wordless punishment to the one who betrayed him.


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Spanish: Sin palabras

Nació de ti…
buscando una canción que nos uniera,
y hoy sé que es cruel, brutal, quizá,
el castigo que te doy.
Sin palabras
esta música va a herirte,
dondequiera que la escuche tu traición.
La noche más absurda, el día más triste,
cuando estés riendo o cuando llore tu ilusión.

Perdóname si es Dios,
quien quiso castigarte al fin,
si hay llantos que pueden perseguir así.
Estas notas que nacieron por tu amor
al final son un cilicio que abre heridas de una historia.
¡Son suplicios, son memorias…
fantoche herido, mi dolor se alzará
cada vez que oigas esta canción!

Nació de ti...
mintiendo entre esperanzas un destino,
y hoy sé que es cruel, brutal, quizá,
el castigo que te doy.
Sin decirlo esta canción dirá tu nombre,
sin decirlo con tu nombre estaré yo,
los ojos casi ciegos de mi asombro,
junto al asombro de perderte y no morir.

English: Without Words

It was born from you...
looking for a song that would bring us together,
and today I know the punishment I give you
might be cruel, brutal.
This music will hurt you
without words,
wherever your treason may hear it.
The most absurd night, the saddest day,
when you’re laughing or when your hopes weep.

Forgive me if it was God
who's wanted to punish you in the end,
if there are tears that can haunt like this.
Those notes, born because of your love,
in the end are a cilice opening the wounds of a story.
They’re torture, they’re memories...
wounded puppet, my pain will rise
every time you listen to this song!

It was born from you...
lying about our fate among hopes,
and today I know the punishment I give you
may be cruel, brutal.
Without saying so this song will call your name,
without saying so I will be with your name.
with my eyes almost-blind with astonishment,
by the astonishment of having lost you and not died.


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