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Seamos amigos

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Seamos amigos (Let’s Be Friends) is the title of a tango written by Ángel Sánchez Carreño in 1944. The music was composed by Domingo Rullo.




Domingo Rullo

Year of composition:



Lyrics writer(s):

Ángel Sánchez Carreño

After much suffering, the poet looks for the one he once loved and hurt him, to offer her forgiveness and friendship.


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Spanish: Seamos amigos

Yo no vengo buscando que perdones,
si fuiste la culpable o si lo he sido yo.
Ni pretendo echar veneno o faltas
a la ilusión más grande que mi mente acarició.

Yo no vengo tampoco a humillarme,
doblando la cabeza o pidiendo piedad.
Sólo quiero mirándote a la cara,
extenderte las manos
de la cordialidad.

Pensando así en todo lo que hiciste
quizás para mi bien
o por mi mal,
pienso que no es noble aborrecerte
y que es más de hombre
olvidar y perdonar.

Te quise como a nadie en este mundo,
te amaba con la más leal pasión
y tú clavaste un dardo en lo profundo
del pobre y desdichado corazón.

Yo quisiera que me amaras con locura
para que comprendieras lo que te quise yo;
que recibas en pago la amargura,
las penas y desdenes en que mi alma se anidó;
que vivieras las horas más amargas
pensando las torturas que encierra el desamor.
Y es posible que seamos amigos
y unamos el recuerdo de un verdadero amor.

English: Let's Be Friends

I haven’t come seeking your forgiveness,
to see whose fault it was, yours or mine.
Nor do I pretend to poison or blame
the greatest dream my mind ever cherished.

I haven’t come to humiliate myself either,
bowing my head or asking for mercy.
I just want to, looking at you in the face,
extend the hands of cordiality
towards you.

Thus thinking about all you did
perhaps for my own good
or my own misfortune,
I consider it shameful to detest you,
and a much manlier thing
to forget and forgive.

I loved you like I’ve loved nobody else in this world,
I loved you with the most loyal passion
and you drove a dart into the depths
of my poor, miserable heart.

I wish you loved me madly
so you would understand how much I loved you;
I wish that you received as payment, the bitterness,
the sorrows and disdain on which my soul nested;
that you lived through the most bitter hours,
reflecting on the tortures enclosed in heartbreak.
And then we might be friends
and put together the memory of a true love.


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