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If you want to add a new festival, use the festival form. Check for existing festivals first. Also view all festivals in 2015 and the World map of festivals.

How to create a festival in 2015:

  1. Create a festival main page with the festival form. Add general data, location, organizers.
  2. Create a (yearly) festival event page on the festival main page with the little form field there. Add dates, maestros, TJs and program.

Help with the festival form:


When you add a festival, you might see some tango teachers missing. You can add them like this:

  • Maestro pair form: Write the maestros (lady first, connect with "y"). If you know of a website, add it.
  • Add information about the maestros and maybe videos and further links.
  • All maestro pairs

If needed, consult the help pages for using these forms.

  TJanes & TJs

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  Create a new article

You might have a look into the list of wanted pages to see what pages are missing. (List of all pages, that have been linked to, but still need to get created.) You can also create a new page simply by entering the desired page name here (case-sensitive!):

If you want to try things in a safe environment (like creating a first article draft), use your personal sandbox on a subpage.