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Por algo será

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Por algo será (There Must Be a Reason for That) is the title of a tango written by Otello Enrique Elli. The music was composed by Carlos Ignacio Rivero.




Carlos Ignacio Rivero

Year of composition:


Lyrics writer(s):

Otello Enrique Elli

The poet feels compassion for a woman’s sorrow over a lost love.


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Spanish: Por algo será

Tus ojos tienen al mirar
de una ilusión
intruso dolor.
Y en tu sonrisa hay el pesar
de un loco sueño
que triste murió.

Hay en tus besos
la amargura de un amor
que nunca, nunca más
ha de volver,
y con la pena de querer
llora el recuerdo que se disipó.

Ayer te vi solita y apenada,
suspirando de emoción.
¡Por algo será!
Y vi con gran pesar
que tu mirada
la angustia reflejaba
de tu desolación.

Al ir a consolarte, me dijiste
que era inmenso tu dolor.
¡Por algo será!
Y tus lágrimas rodaron,
llamando al corazón
que no te supo amar.

English: There Must Be a Reason for That

When they gaze,
your eyes show the intruding pain
of a hope.
And in your smile there is
the sorrow of a crazy dream,
sadly dead.

In your kisses there is
the bitterness of a love
that never,
ever is to return,
and with the sorrow of loving
she cries over the vanished memory.

Yesterday I saw you
sighing with emotion,
lonely and sad.
There must be a reason for that!
And I saw, with great grief,
that your look reflected
the anguish of your desolation.

As I went to comfort you,
you said to me your pain was immense.
There must be a reason for that!
And your tears rolled down,
calling out for the heart
that didn’t know how to love you.


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