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Oyendo tu voz

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Oyendo tu voz (Hearing Your Voice) is the title of a tango written by Julio Jorge Nelson. The music was composed by Marcos Larrosa.




Marcos Larrosa

Year of composition:


Lyrics writer(s):

Julio Jorge Nelson (Isaac Rosofsky)

Youth has gone away, taking with it the poet’s dreams and love. In his current loneliness, he doesn’t stop hearing the echo of her beloved’s voice, a symbol of the memories of those lost, happy times.


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Spanish: Oyendo tu voz

Otra vez tu voz…
La vuelvo a escuchar
aunque te encuentres muy distante.
Es una obsesión que busco olvidar
y que me mata poco a poco.
Y así tu voz retorna a mí,
invocando el ayer.
Horas de inquietud de mi juventud
que para siempre perdí.
Sueños de primavera
se marchitaron como flores
por tu ausencia.
Canto de una esperanza,
hoy son sombras en el corazón.
Horas que se alejaron
y en balbuceo dicen:
no vendrá jamás.
Mientras el eco triste de tu voz
me envuelve en mi soledad.

English: Hearing Your Voice

Again your voice...
I hear it again,
distant as you might be.
It’s an obsession I seek to forget
and that kills me little by little.

And so your voice returns to me,
calling for yesterday.
Restless hours of my youth
I’ve forever lost.

Dreams of Spring
wilted like flowers
because of your absence.
Song of a hope...
today turn to shadows in the heart.

Hours that moved away
and babbling say:
she won’t ever come back.
While the sad echo of your voice
wraps me in my loneliness.


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