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No puede ser

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No puede ser (It Cannot Be) is the title of a tango written by Julio Jorge Nelson. The music was composed by Marcos Larrosa and Juan Carlos Howard.




Marcos Larrosa
Juan Carlos Howard

Year of composition:


Lyrics writer(s):

Julio Jorge Nelson

After having hurt him badly, the woman returns crying for the poet’s love. He, who with great efforts has made his way through so much suffering, denies her his forgiveness and offers, in turn, the sharp truth: nothing between them is possible anymore.


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Spanish: No puede ser

No admito tu llanto ni acepto tu pena,
cansado me tiene tu eterna ambición.
Si yo he sido bueno, ¿por qué esta condena
que es como una afrenta y una humillación?
Yo te justifico todo lo que has hecho
como inexperiencia o debilidad.
Y hoy en el tormento, dentro de tu pecho
se clava angustiosa, mi cruda verdad.
Solo y sin fe, pude evitar
en la inquietud de mi dolor
surgir de sombras que apretaron a mi vida
y en franca senda llegué a triunfar.
Ante tu acción de deslealtad
con voluntad llegué a olvidar.
Ya se despejaron las tinieblas
que viví por tu maldad.
Inquieto he vivido, mil veces por día
te he visto en mis sueños como una obsesión.
Sé que lentamente, partiendo seguía
en este delirio de mi exaltación.
Hoy has venido para recordarme
dichas y alegrías de aquel buen ayer,
y a pesar que llores, ya no te perdono
pues muy bien comprendo que no puede ser.

English: It Cannot Be

I do not admit your crying, nor do I accept your sorrow;
I am tired of your neverending ambition.
If I have been good, why this condemnation,
this offense and humiliation?

I can justify everything you have done
with your inexperience or weakness.
But today, in the midst of torment, my blunt truth,
anguished, is driven deep inside your chest.

Alone and faithless,
in my painful restlessness,
I've managed to prevent the arising of shadows
which oppressed my life,
and through an honest path I came to triumph.
After your disloyal act,
with willpower I came to forget.
The shadows I lived through because of your malice
have already cleared up.

I have lived restless, I have seen you in my dreams,
like an obsession, a thousand times a day.
I know that I kept departing slowly
in this frenzied delusion.

Today you have come to remind me
of the joys and happiness of that kind yesterday,
and despite your crying I will not forgive you,
since I understand well that it cannot be.


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