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Magdala is the title of a tango written by Francisco Gorrindo in 1944. The music was composed by Rodolfo Biagi.




Rodolfo Biagi

Year of composition:



Lyrics writer(s):

Francisco Gorrindo

On the last night of a miserable life, the poet sings affectionately to his Magdala, the woman who stood beside him despite all his failures, and expresses the wish that his death will finally let her free to pursue a happier life.


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Spanish: Magdala

Santa, más que santa,
Magdalena humilde,
en este "via crucis"
al que te llevé
tú has sido testigo
de todo el fracaso
y has visto en silencio
quebrarse mi fe.

Quise darte todo
lo que merecías,
y tan sólo migas,
te pude ofrecer.
Por eso esta noche,
que renuncio a todo,
Magdala, perdona
la última hiel.

Mis manos vacías
sólo apresan sombras,
mis ojos en sombras,
sólo sombras ven.
Y en esta locura
de sombras y muerte,
sellada mi suerte,
espero tu bien.

Que esta noche sea,
para tu martirio,
la última noche,
el punto final,
y firme mi pulso
le deje a tus alas,
abiertas las puertas
de la libertad.

English: Magdala

Holy, more than saint,
humble Magdalene,
in this Via Crucis
along which I’ve taken you,
you have been witness
to all my failure
and watched quietly
my faith break down.

I wanted to give you everything,
what you deserved,
but could offer
nothing but crumbs.
And so tonight
that I give everything up,
Magdala, forgive
this last bitterness.

My empty hands
don’t seize but shadows;
my eyes among shadows
see only shadows.
And in this madness
of shadows and death,
my fate is sealed
and wish you well.

Let tonight be,
much to your torment,
the last night,
the end point,
and may my pulse, still,
leave the doors
of freedom open
to your wings.


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