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Lucienne is the title of a tango written by Jorge Fuentes in 1946. The music was composed by Domingo Rullo.




Domingo Rullo

Year of composition:



Lyrics writer(s):

Jorge Fuentes

From the loneliness of his room, the poet invokes the painful memory of a long-lost love from his youth, Lucienne.


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Spanish: Lucienne

Hojeando entre las páginas borrosas del ayer
volvió tu imagen, mi Lucienne,
y en la penumbra suave de mi cuarto
volví a evocar tus ojos
tan inquietos y traviesos.
Concierto de las horas que señalan mi dolor
con su tic-tac agobiador.
Intensa angustia de saber
que ya no ha de volver
el tiempo en que feliz te amé.
Extraña francesita que adoré.
Te llama con dolor mi soledad,
amor de mi lejana juventud,
amor inolvidable de mi nido.
Tu risa entre las sombras se perdió,
y una mañana gris
por ti lloró mi corazón.

English: Lucienne

Glancing through the blurry pages of yesterday
you image returned, my Lucienne,
and in the soft shadow of my room
I once more evoked your eyes,
so lively and mischievous.

Concert of the hours pointing out mi pain
with their stifling tick-tock.
Intense anguish of knowing
that the time when I happily loved you
is never coming back.

Strange french girl I adored.
Mi loneliness calls out for you in pain.
Love of my distant youth,
unforgettable love of my nest.
Your laughter was lost in the shadows
and on a gray morning
my heart wept for you.


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