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Los mareados

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Los mareados (The Dizzy Ones) is the title of a tango written by Enrique Cadícamo in 1942. The music was composed by Juan Carlos Cobián.




Juan Carlos Cobián

Year of composition:



Lyrics writer(s):

Enrique Cadícamo

Their love has died. The former lovers meet and get drunk together, fully aware that they’re about to take different paths, and that those drinks are their farewell from each other.


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Spanish: Los mareados

como encendida
te hallé bebiendo
linda y fatal...
y entre el fragor del champán,
loca, reías por no llorar...

me dio encontrarte
pues al mirarte
yo dibujé
tus ojos
con un eléctrico ardor,
tus lindos ojos que tanto adoré...

Esta noche, amiga mía,
el alcohol nos ha embriagado...
¡Qué importa que se rían
y nos llamen los mareados!
Cada cual tiene sus penas
y nosotros las tenemos...
Esta noche beberemos
porque ya no volveremos
a vernos más...

Hoy vas a entrar en mi pasado,
en el pasado de mi vida...
Tres cosas lleva mi alma herida:
amor... pesar... dolor...
Hoy vas a entrar en mi pasado
y hoy nuevas sendas tomaremos...
¡Qué grande ha sido nuestro amor!
Y, sin embargo, ¡ay!,
mirá lo que quedó…

English: The Dizzy Ones

as if burning,
I found you drinking,
beautiful and fatal…
You drank
and amidst the roar of the champagne
you laughed madly, not to cry…

I felt as I met you
because looking at you
I drew
your eyes
with an electrical ardor,
your pretty eyes I’ve so adored…

Tonight, my friend,
alcohol has intoxicated us…
I don’t care that they laugh
and call us ‘the dizzy ones’!
Every one has their sorrows
and we have ours…
Tonight we will drink
because we won’t ever
see each other again…

Today you will enter in my past,
in the past of my life…
My wounded soul carries three things:
love… regret… pain…
Today you will enter in my past
and today we will take new paths…
How great our love has been!
And, however, oh!,
see what’s left…


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