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Llorarás, llorarás

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Llorarás, llorarás (You’ll Cry, You’ll Cry) is the title of a tango vals written by Homero Manzi. The music was composed by Hugo Gutiérrez.




Hugo Gutiérrez

Year of composition:


Lyrics writer(s):

Homero Manzi


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Spanish: Llorarás, llorarás

Al escuchar este vals,
bien lo sé que en mi amor pensarás
y en el vaivén del compás,
sin querer llorarás.

Me verás otra vez junto a ti
y recién te dirás
que hice bien al partir.
Y al renovar tu emoción,
sentirás el dolor de mi adiós.

Lo escucharás en los pianos
y violines más lejanos.
Te lo dirán con sus sones
los nocturnos bandoneones.
Se trepará por tu reja
con sus penas, con sus quejas.

Y no podrás ignorar
que compuse este vals
recordando tu amor
y aunque trates de olvidar,
al oír su emoción,
¡llorarás, llorarás!…

English: You’ll Cry, You’ll Cry

When you listen to this waltz,
I know well you’ll think of my love,
and that in the swinging of the rhythm,
without wanting to, you’ll cry.

You’ll see me once more by your side
and only then will you tell yourself
I did good in leaving.
And when you renew your emotion
you’ll feel the pain of my goodbye.

You’ll hear it on the pianos
and the most distant violins.
With their sounds they’ll say it to you,
the nightly bandoneons.
It will climb up your bars
with its grieves, with its complaints.

And you won’t be able to ignore
that I wrote this waltz
remembering your love,
and even though you try to forget,
as you hear its emotion,
you’ll cry, you’ll cry!


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