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Indiferencia (Indifference) is the title of a tango written by Juan Carlos Thorry in 1937. The music was composed by Rodolfo Biagi.




Rodolfo Biagi

Year of composition:



Lyrics writer(s):

Juan Carlos Thorry

Once youth and the times of abundance have gone by, the poet laments the terrible loneliness that’s revealed to him when, in times of need, everyone turns their back on him.


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Spanish: Indiferencia

Yo también como todos un día
tenía dinero, amigos y hogar.
Nunca supe que había falsía,
que el mundo sabía también traicionar.

Pero cuando a mi vida tranquila
llegó la primera terrible verdad
busqué apoyo en aquellos que amaba
y crueles me dieron soledad.

Ilusión que viviendo latente
pasó entre la gente y pura siguió.
Ilusión, hoy te busco y no estás.
Ilusión, no te puedo encontrar.

Mi pasado sucumbe aterido
temblando en el frío
de mi vida actual.
Y los años, pasando y pasando,
me están reprochando
porque no hice mal.

Si la vida pasó por tu lado
dejando tronchado tu sino y tu fe,
la maldad que truncó tu camino
pondrá en tu destino de amores la sed.

Pero cuando, vencido y cansado,
tu pecho agobiado requiera bondad,
volverá la cabeza la gente
dando indiferente soledad.

English: Indifference

I too, like everybody once,
had money, friends and a home.
I never knew falsehood existed
nor that the world could also betray.

But when the first terrible truth
made way into my quiet life,
I seeked support in those I loved
and they, cruel, only gave me solitude.

Hope, that living vigorously
passed through the crowd and, pure, kept going its way.
Hope, today I look for you and you’re not there.
Hope, I can’t find you.

My past succumbs, frozen stiff,
trembling in the cold
of my current life...
And the years, passing and passing,
reproach me
for not causing harm too.

If life has passed by your side
cutting short your fate and your faith,
the same evil that truncated your path
will place thirst in your love destiny.

But when, defeated and weary,
your burdened chest is in need of kindness,
the people will turn their heads
and give nothing but indifferent loneliness.


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