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Using forms for creating new pages is a very convenient way of adding new content to the wiki.

As with everything in the wiki, these forms can be adapted, changed, expanded, improved, styled, moved, deleted, etc. Forms are pages in the namespace "Form". They fill a certain template, which again is a page in the namespace "Template". The form defines the fields to fill out, the template defines the styling of the target page and the annotation with semantic properties.

In the category "TangoWiki forms" you find all existing forms collected in subcategories defining forms and their corresponding templates, properties, categories, etc.

Edit a page with a form

If you see an extra button on any page "Edit with form", parts of the page have been filled with a form. If you want to make changes to the page, you should always use the form for these changes.

General form guidelines

These form guidelines are included into every form help page, as they refer to every form alike.

General form guidelines:
  1. To fill out forms, you need to be registered and logged in.
  2. First check in the list of all entries (on the according category page), if the desired article has already been created, maybe under a different page name. In case of doubt, go ahead and create it anyway. (Double is better than none!)
  3. Usually, the form only fills structured information that will show in a table and/or an infobox. There is usually a free text area that can be filled with further, non pre-structured information.
  4. In free text, stick to a clear, factual, neutral, non-personal and descriptive writing style. Refer to the Style guide for more information.

Venues, Milongas, TJs, Festivals

Every festival needs a venue, every milonga too, TJs play at milongas and festivals… – huh? How are they all connected?

You create You assign Will be automatically shown Form Help page
Venue A venue is a place where events (milonga, practica, festival, lesson etc.) are happening. Milongas
Festival events
Venue form → Create new venue
Milonga, Práctica A milonga or práctica is an event where people meet to dance and/or practice tango together. Venue
If you want to add a milonga, first create a venue. Then in the milonga form, you choose the venue.
TJs (who played at this milonga) Milonga form. Create milongas and prácticas. → Create new milonga
TJ A TJ is playing music at a milonga, festival, practica etc. Milongas
Choose the milongas the TJ played at. At the milonga page, the TJ will then automatically show.
Festivals TJ form → Create a TJ page
Festival main page and festival event page, Marathon A festival is a regularly happening event that spans over more days and includes milongas, lessons and shows. TJs
Festival events Festival form. Create a festival main page and from this page festival event pages (for ever annual edition).  → Create festival article

So what is there to do?


If you add a milonga, you need to make sure that the venue (where the milonga happens) already exists. If not, you first need to create the venue page.

There is no need to enter TJs, these will show up automatically, once edited at the TJ pages themselves. Of course, if you'd like a TJ to show up, you need to create the corresponding page and add the milonga to it.


If you add a venue, you only add a venue.

Automatically, on the venue page the milongas and/or festivals will show up, once they are assigned.


If you add a TJ and want to add a milonga he/she played at, choose the milonga in the TJ form. If the milonga does not exist yet, the milonga page (plus the venue page) has to be created first.

Then, the TJ will show up on every chosen milonga page.

On the TJ page, the festivals will automatically show. If you want to add the TJ to a festival, you need to do so on the festival page.


If you add a new festival, you add TJs, venues and new orchestras. If one of these does not exist in the wiki yet, you need to create the corresponding page.


Ideally, you create a page for every person.

Then you add a page for the maestro couple. Naming conventions for maestros are:

  • Start with the follower, then the leader
  • combine with the Spanish "y" instead of "&". The ampersand will not work in the page name.

In the festival form, you will then be able to choose the maestro couple.