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If your native tongue is anything else but English, you can translate TangoWiki content into your language.

Simply navigate to Special:Translate and get going! Become a translator!

You need to be logged in to save translations.

In the example, we are translating the page Help:Discussion page.

Choose the page to translate and the language

If you navigated directly to the page, you need to choose the page to translate and the target language first. (If you came here via another page, those settings might already be prechosen.)

Choose the page to translate

Click on "All" for viewing all message groups. A message group is simply a collection of chunks of text, which usually belong to the same page. So, one page equals one message group.

Search for and choose your preferred page to translate. (You can also use the search bar for title parts.)

Translation messages.png

Choose your language

The source language is always English. Change this language into your target language by clicking on "English". You can write the name in any way you like, it will find your language:

  • In English (e.g.: German)
  • In your language (e.g.: Deutsch)
  • In the short language code (e.g.: DE)
Info: A full list of language codes can be found at Wikipedia: List of ISO 639-1 codes (watch out for the 2-character codes ISO 639-1). These language codes will also be appended to the URLs of the translated pages.
Translation language.png

Translate the content

Choose "Untranslated" and/or "Outdated" messages and translate them.

The translation interface

Choose untranslated and/or outdated messages, write your translation and hit "Save translation".
  • You can copy the source text with "Paste source text" into the translation field and overwrite it with the translated text. This is very useful when the source text includes a lot of wiki markup.
  • You can use the buttons or keyboard shortcuts to save the translation (Ctrl+Alt+S) or to skip to the next message (Ctrl+Alt+D).
  • Once you save the translation, you're automatically jumping to the next chunk.
  • You can scroll through the list of chunks and select one by clicking on it.
Info: Watch out for the little arrow signs. They help you expanding your translation interface to a convenient maximum.
Two arrow signs help expanding the translation interface for maximum content view.
Important: Saving of translations need a bit of time. Wait for the translation to be fully saved before you move on to the next or close the page to not loose anything.

The icon is changing from "Saving" to "Translated" in the list view and the background color changing from yellow in the page view.

Translation saving.pngTranslation translated.png


On the right hand side you can find documentation to the text chunks, if somebody has included it. It could be of use for your translation, so keep an eye on it.

If you need to reasearch for your translation, include your findings yourself into the documentation, if they could be of use for other translators. As the documentation is the same for all languages, this only applies to documentation an Tango-, TangoWiki- and content-related information, not language-related.


Suggestions are related translations, that fit fully (100 % match) or partly the translation you're at. If a translation fits your content, you can take it over into your translation field with a click.

Info: If you'd like another helping language, change your settings for it to show: Under your preferences > Editing > Translation options you can add any languages you'd like to see suggestions shown.

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