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This style guide tries to help with writing text for the wiki. It shall describe no rules, really – instead recommendations, guidelines and best practices.

Know the rules before you break them.

Writing text for the wiki

In free text, stick to a clear and simple language. Enjoy your own text! There is no "wrong", only "could be improved". Like in an encyclopedia, the writing style shall be neutral, factual, objective, descriptive, non-personal.

  • Write in neutral style. Neutral means, do not write opinonated. If there are opposing opinions to a subject, include all of them and investigate their plausibility.
  • Use hard facts. If there exist hard facts, include them wherever possible. Hard facts are the basis of all texts.
  • Cite your sources. Whether you use quotations, you quote a sentence from a source, rephrase a thought or an opinion or you became influenced in your writing by a certain source – always cite it. See Cite a source for more on how to quote.
  • Be objective, not subjective. Do not write "I" in texts. There is no first person.
  • Use common words. Remember that your readers might be non-native speakers of the English language. If the translation into their language is not yet available, they might as well do with English. Here, rather opt for "simple" words than their "complicated" siblings.[1]
  • Do not advertise. TangoWiki is no place for advertisement. Text parts like "the best festival in the world, get now 20 % discount if you book until Sunday" won't last long – they will either get re-written or deleted entirely. Platforms like personal websites are a better place for this. This has two exceptions:
    • One might argue that it might still be of good influence for events and places to be present in the wiki. Factual, objective information is of high use for the reader. So to call it, "indirect advertisment".
    • If you love advertising, please help out with promoting TangoWiki to the world.

Special symbols


The apostrophe ’ or ' is used in these cases:

  • Omission of letters: Juan D’Arienzo
  • Possessive case: D’Agostino’s film

The correct apostrophe is a point with a downwards tail curving clockwise, like in the comma (the "9"). Its look also depends on the typeface in use!

Symbol Example description Short codes Unicode HEX code, NAME HTML
D’Agostino correct apostrophe, looks like a "9", correct "single comma quotation mark" Windows: Alt+0146
Mac: Alt+Shift+#
D'Agostino "typewriter apostrophe", substitute character, straight tail Mac: Shift+# U+0027, APOSTROPHE
D‘Agostino single turned comma quotation mark U+2018, LEFT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK  
D′Agostino Prime, units for mathematics, linguistics and music U+2032
´ D´Agostino Akut ´ U+00B4
` D`Agostino Grave Mac: Shift+´ U+0060

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  1. "[…] so prefer let to permit, people to persons, buy to purchase, colleague to peer, way out to exit, present to gift, rich to wealthy, show to demonstrate, break to violate. "The Economist: Introduction to the writing style guide.