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Short instruction
Find and read articles
Important terms
Search for an article
User account
Registration/New user account
Preferences: User settings
Create new article
Sandbox on subpage
Cite a source & quotes
Style guide
Use forms
Create TJ page
Create milonga
Create venue
Create festival article
Add a song recording
Edit an article
Text formatting
Add categories to article
Move (rename) a page
Use templates
Message boxes
Note boxes
Discussion page
Translate a page
Get help
Expert manual

This is a short guide in 5 steps for the TangoWiki. It covers the topics of read, register, create, edit, contribute. In each individual section further information is to be found.

Step 1: Reading an article

Read an article, any article! You might even want to read a random article now. Find a specific article via the search bar. Find out more about the search. Have a look at the unordered list of all pages.

Step 2: Registration and login

Before you edit anything on the wiki, you will be asked to register with your email address and a chosen username. It's free and lets other people follow, who edited what under what username. Simply create a user account for this, it's pretty easy. An administrator will quickly confirm your user account. You'll then get your temporary password sent by email.

Step 3: Create new article

Create a new article, there are many ways to do so. Write and save the text in editing mode. Review the article in "Preview" and if your're satisfied with the content, save. Consider using forms for quicker creation. Every filled out form creates an article. Your newly created article is on your watchlist, have a look there to watch over future changes.

Step 4: Editing articles

Make your article or any other article better! Edit an article by formatting text and adding links to the article. Classify the article into categories. Use templates to style your article. Correct typos and misspellings, rewrite paragraphs or add new information. Every little tiny bit contributes to better quality allover.

Step 5: Expand TangoWiki, collaborate

Edit others' articles. Discuss modifications on the discussion page. Expand the Tango Glossary of Spanish and Lunfardo expressions. Help translating articles into your language. Add ideas and tasks in the task list. See more on how you can contribute in the contribution portal.

Become an expert

Have a look at the maintenance pages, to see what's there to do. Go for creating articles that are desperately wanted. Maintain the task list. Enter news for the main page, taken from recent changes and new pages in the wiki. See the Expert manual on more help what to do.