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Articles and pages in TangoWiki can be searched for with the search bar at the top.

Special characters

In TangoWiki there are many Spanish expressions with special characters, e.g. á, í.

At the moment, it is not possible to search for articles without writing the special characters (e.g. "Ernesto Fama" instead of "Ernesto Famá" will not deliver any results).

Hence, within the search, the special characters have to be written to get a right search result. See the task list to follow this error.

Example & help for workaround

I want to search for "Ernesto Famá", but am not sure about the accent mark. Possibilities:

  • only search for "Ernesto"
  • try "Famá" and "Fáma" in the search - one will deliver results
  • do a research on the internet and then write "Famá" resp. "Ernesto Famá"
  • try the search not via the search bar, instead via categories and other articles (browsing)