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TangoWiki (and MediaWiki) distinguish between the following link types:

  • Internal Links: Links to other pages within the wiki. (=Wiki links)
  • External Links: Links to other pages on the internet.
  • InterWiki Links: Links to other Wikis or other language areas of TangoWiki.

To create an internal link to any other page on the wiki, just put the word(s) (i.e. the target page title) into two pairs of square brackets. After saving the article the link will appear on the page. If the linked page already exists, the link will appear in blue font. If not, the text will be shown in red. This also applies to links that have the wrong spelling.


To add a new link, you can always use the chain symbol Link.png in the edit tool bar. See more in Text formatting.

Internal links

Description Wiki code Example Output
Internal link [[Pagename]] [[Main Page]] Main Page
Internal link with different text [[Pagename|Link text]] [[Main Page|back to Main Page]] back to Main Page
Internal link with jump label/anchor
Anchors are automatically applied for all headings and the start of the page #top
[[Pagename#Anchor|Link text]] [[Help:Text formatting#Weblinks|to the Weblinks]] to the Weblinks
Link to a category [[:Category:Category name]] [[:Category:Help]] Category:Help
Link to a category with different text [[:Category:Category name|Link text]] [[:Category:Help|All help articles]] All help articles
Internal link to an image file (will show the image) [[Image:Example.jpg]] [[Image:kursiv.png]] Kursiv.png
Internal link to a file (links the file) [[File:Example.mp3]] [[File:Example.mp3]] File:Example.mp3
Redirection to another page #REDIRECT [[Pagename]] #REDIRECT [[Main Page]] Main Page
The pipe trick: If you save an internal link to a page with a prefix and would like to get rid of the prefix, use the pipe trick:

Writing: [[Help:Short instruction|]] will show as Short instruction and will be saved as [[Help:Short instruction|Short instruction]]. It spares you the time of writing the same title without prefix again. The pipe does this job for you.


[[:Category:Help]] vs. [[Category:Help]].

  • The first letter of an internal link will automatically be capitalized. Blank spaces will be converted to an underscore. You can place underscores yourself, but that is not recommended.
How to make square brackets [[ ]]?
On a (European) Mac use Alt+5 and Alt+6

External Links and InterWiki Links

Description Wiki code Output
External link
External link with different text [ MediaWiki] MediaWiki
External link without name [] [1]
Interwiki link [[Wikipedia:MediaWiki]] Wikipedia:MediaWiki
Interwiki link with different text [[Wikipedia:MediaWiki|link text]] link text
Interwiki link to Wikipedia (to the German Wikipedia) [[Wikipedia:de:MediaWiki]] Wikipedia:de:MediaWiki
Interwiki link to other language areas of TangoWiki
Is used for language links of similar pages at the end of the source code
[[de:Hilfe:Links]] language link in the navigation menu on the left