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If you cannot find the information you're looking for in these help pages or otherwise, you can always reach out for help in the wiki itself. Please try the following:

  1. Ask a question on a discussion page. Especially, if the question concerns a certain topic/page.
  2. Ask a question on the discussion page of a certain user.
  3. Ask a question on Twitter.
  4. Ask a question via E-Mail.

Please make sure to include all relevant links and information and that you show you made some effort to find the information yourself.

Help & support

Help pages

Use this user manual to get started in the wiki. If you are a wiki expert, consult the expert manual. All help pages are sorted in the Category:Help. Maybe your question is already answered on one of these pages.

Info: To search for information in only the help pages, use the "Advanced" tab in the search.

Discussion pages

If you have a question about a certain topic or a page, ask the question on the related discussion page.

Simply "Add topic" and ask your question. Addtopic.png

See more in the help section about discussion pages.

Administrators generally follow changes in the wiki and will make any effort to answer your question quickly. Also, people watching the page you post on, will get notified about changes also on the discussion page and might want to help and/or discuss.


If you are signed into Twitter, follow TangoWiki on Twitter to get news and ask for quick support.

Technical & admins

Development board

Have a look at the TangoWiki Trello board to see the development roadmap. You can add to this development roadmap by adding a comment on this board.

Contact TangoWiki members

Every user can be contacted via his/her discussion page. Set a heading, ask your question and sign with your signature. For technical questions get into contact with a member of the admin team.

Admin team

Contact the administrators via their discussion page in the following cases:

  • You haven't received an answer to your entry on a discussion page after a week
  • You have problems registering
  • You would like to translate pages

In (rare) cases of questions that exclude publication here on the Wiki, contact the team via e-mail at contact(at)


Users with administrator rights

Special pages about users