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What is a discussion page?

The discussion page is generally a page for the verbal discussion about the article/the content page. The discussion page can be used to put forward text proposals, to explain or discuss changes.

When creating a new page a "Discussion" page will be automatically created along with it. Also each user has their own discussion page ("user talk"). It is always linked to the content page.


Usage examples:

  • Suggestions for text and format changes that oneself alone does not wish to/cannot implement.
  • On protected pages (e.g. the Main Page) it is not possible to save changes in the code. In such case, on the discussion page suggestions for changes can be addressed.
  • The discussion page of the contact page can be a way to address first support questions. Also, users can drop their usernames there to be contacted directly on their discussion page for help.
  • The discussion page of the users can be used for direct communication.

Suggestions on discussion pages are particularly welcome!

Make an entry on a discussion page

Possibilty 1: Adding a topic

When you get to a discussion page, you can simply click "Add topic" to create a new question. Add a headline and your question and sign it with your signature.


Possibility 2: In normal edit mode

  1. Begin your entry with a headline of level 2: ==Headline==. The title sums up the topic.
  2. Write your entry.
  3. Attach your signature at the end of you entry.

When there are already entries:

  • Always add new contributions at the end of the list.
  • If you wish to comment an entry, add : at the beginning of your entry. More comments follow with :: , ::: , :::: etc. This causes an indentation of the comments. Always finish with your signature.


The signature can be generated in two ways:

  • with the editor bar: Signatur.png OR
  • with code: --~~~~ (==2 hyphens, 4 tildes)

This results in a signature with user + time stamp, e.g.: --Testshared (talk) 16:49, 10. Nov. 2013 (CET)

Ask a question on a discussion page

Choose a descriptive topic heading. Make sure to include all relevant information and links to pages you're talking about into the text.


  • Link to the relevant pages within the text (simply by using [[Pagename|Link text]]).
  • If you want to link to a certain "diff", a certain change/difference or an old version of a page, find the right link in the version history.
    • For an older version of a page, click on the date of the version and use "Permanent link" in the sidebar to find the permanent link of the page.
    • For a "diff", a difference between two pages, a certain change, choose the comparison between two versions and copy the diff link.


  • You can upload screenshots at, if needed for clarification or in case of errors/bugs. You can also use an external temporary file storage system and point to these images.


  • You can post code directly into the text, wrapping it within <code>...</code> tags. (If this includes wiki executable markup and looks funny in the preview, try wrapping it within <code><nowiki>...</nowiki></code>.)
  • For lengthy code, either refer to the source code itself (and include your code with HTML escape characters <!--...--> there) or use an external service like, that you can link to.