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This help page is about creating a new milonga article with the milonga form.

This page in a nutshell:
  1. Start on the milonga form page Form:Milonga.
  2. Create the venue, if needed, with the Form:Venue.

General guidelines

General form guidelines:
  1. To fill out forms, you need to be registered and logged in.
  2. First check in the list of all entries (on the according category page), if the desired article has already been created, maybe under a different page name. In case of doubt, go ahead and create it anyway. (Double is better than none!)
  3. Usually, the form only fills structured information that will show in a table and/or an infobox. There is usually a free text area that can be filled with further, non pre-structured information.
  4. In free text, stick to a clear, factual, neutral, non-personal and descriptive writing style. Refer to the Style guide for more information.

Milonga form in detail

For a look at the form fields in detail, view the table below.

Form field Example entry Test Milonga Explanation
Name of the milonga Test Milonga On the first page, you enter the name of the milonga.
Official name (if differing from page name): Milonga Test The page name can be different from the official name of the milonga, e.g. in cases, where the page name needs an addition for clarification (two milongas with the same name in two different cities).
City Vienna
Country Austria
Venue Test Venue The venue is the place, the location, where the milonga is happening. Either choose a venue from the dropdown field or write the name of the venue.
Milonga website Copy or write the URL of the milonga website.
Facebook page Link to the facebook page. Only choose pages that can be "liked", none that have to be "friended", i.e. pages of institutions instead of personal pages.
Práctica Is Práctica Tick the box, if the milonga is a práctica.
Weekday Wednesday Tick the boxes of the weekday, when the milonga is happening (usually only one).
Start time – end time 20:00 – 02:00 Start time is for the milonga, not for possible classes before the milonga. (If you want to include information about classes before the milonga, use the free text section.)
Music style Only traditional Depending on the choice of music you either choose "Only traditional", "Mixed" or "Tango Nuevo".
Organizer '
Organizer contact '
Table reservation possible Yes None/Yes/No. Indicate, whether table reservation is possible and/or wished (= "Yes") or not. If you are not sure, leave "None".
Telephone number 01 234 56 789 When table reservation is possible, make sure to include a telephone number here.
Filename (Logo) ' Upload a photo or logo of the milonga.
Caption ' Describe the image (photo, logo). For example: "The beautiful entrance with the old wooden ceiling." "A packed floor on a Sunday night in August 2014."
Start – end (date) ' If the milonga is still happening, i.e. has no end date, leave the end date field blank and tick the box "still happening".
TJs ' Choose all TJs that played at the milonga/practica before. Write the TJ names and/or choose from the dropdown list of existing TJs
Free text See underneath #Free text.