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This help page shall help to create a new article about a Tango DJ quickly. The easiest – and strongly recommended – way to create a TJ page is via the TJ form.


It does not matter, whether the TJ you want to write about is you yourself or some other person. In any case, please be aware of the following general form guidelines:

General form guidelines:
  1. To fill out forms, you need to be registered and logged in.
  2. First check in the list of all entries (on the according category page), if the desired article has already been created, maybe under a different page name. In case of doubt, go ahead and create it anyway. (Double is better than none!)
  3. Usually, the form only fills structured information that will show in a table and/or an infobox. There is usually a free text area that can be filled with further, non pre-structured information.
  4. In free text, stick to a clear, factual, neutral, non-personal and descriptive writing style. Refer to the Style guide for more information.

The category for all TJs is the category "TJ".

TJ form

The TJ form is rather straight forward and should be self explaining. (If to you it is not, please leave a note on the associated talk page or on the talk page here to help improving it).

For a look at the form fields in detail, view the table below.

Form field Example entry La Rubia Explanation
TJ name La Rubia On the first page, the TJ name is entered. Avoid writing "TJ", "DJ" or similar abbreviations associated to the name.
Real name Analía del Giglio If you know it, write the real name of the TJ.
TJ or TJane TJane Tick the box, choose between TJ/TJane/TJ collective.
Website Link to a personal website related to TJing. Avoid associated websites, where no information about the TJ is to be found.
Facebook page Link to the facebook page. Preferrably to a page (that can be "liked") and not to a profile (that has to be "friended").
Email contact Write a contact email address that is publicly published on the TJs website. Please do NOT give out email addresses that have not yet been published elsewhere on the web, unless they are your own.
Homebase city and country Rosario, Argentina
TJ since 2009 The year of first official, public TJing.
Style Only traditional Choose between Only traditional/Mixed/Tango Nuevo. It describes the music style the TJ likes to be related to and mainly plays on events.
International experience Yes Choose between Yes/No.
Milongas Automatically displayed, see below #Events:Milongas and festivals.
Festivals Automatically displayed, see below #Events:Milongas and festivals.
Photo You can upload any image related to the TJ, though a logo or a photograph is preferred. Please refer to the copyright information. Do not upload images you don't own or have the rights to publish them here in the wiki, those images will get deleted.

The upload process is a two-step-process:

  1. Click the button link to go to the upload page. Follow the upload instructions including choosing a license, adding an author/source description etc. Once the image is uploaded, copy the page name (which is usually the same as the file name).
  2. Come back to the form and copy the file name into the form field. The image will be shown in the infobox.
Free text See underneath #Free text.

Events: Festivals and milongas

Festivals and milongas the TJ played at cannot be chosen in the form, insted they are automatically displayed from information on corresponding page. If a TJ is assigned to a festival or milonga on the according page, the event will then also show up on the TJ page. Hence, if a TJ played at a certain festival, head over to the festival page and add the TJ there. (The same applies for milongas).

If the event is not yet created, you have some options:

  • Create the event yourself.
  • Ask the organizer of the event to create the page, ask festival and milonga organizers to add information to their pages.
  • Link to the desired event within the free text section. Example: In 2014 the TJ was also playing at the following festivals in Europe: [[Example festival]]. It will then show up as red link in your text (like: Example festival) and will also show up in the list of wanted pages that also adminstrators have a close look at. So the page might get created soon by somebody else.

Free text

The free text area is there for everything not fitting into the few form fields (that only fill the infobox).

Free text could include information about the following:

  • More information about the TJ, his/her biography, background, life stations.
  • Professional achievements, projects.
  • Cooperations and associated institutions.
  • Videos of performances.
  • Photos and photo galleries.
  • Quotes

Free text is written in prose and in a neutral, factional, descriptive style. Please refer to the Style guide for more information.