Help:Add a song recording

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When adding recordings for a song, you can use the "recording" form" to do so. With this, every record gets a unique number, which is the page name. The recordings are automatically included in the song pages and can be included in all other pages, too, like in orchestra or singer pages, using the template Recordings by orchestra.

Adding a missing recording

When adding a missing recording, it's best to try to minimize duplicate entries:

  1. Search for a recording of a song on the song page.
  2. Search for a recording of a song via the search bar (use the title, the orchestra, the disco number etc.)

Adding a missing recording

When you are sure that the recording is not yet in the wiki and you have the sources for the data, you can add the recording.

  1. Use the form "Recording" for entering a new record.


  • Do not create new recordings by hand.
  • Wherever possible, state the source for the new recording and/or corrections to existing ones. The best proof for an existing recording is always the physical disc.

Adding data to an existing record

When you find a recording that is missing information, navigate directly to the recording page in the "Rec:" namespace (random example: Rec:R000032). There you can edit the record with the form.