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Gricel is the title of a tango written by José María Contursi in 1942. The music was composed by Mariano Mores.




Mariano Mores

Year of composition:



Lyrics writer(s):

José María Contursi

The poet abandons Gricel, ignoring the pleads of her breaking heart, as well as her begging him not to ever forget her. In time, however, he comes to regret his decision, as he realizes he’s led a fake life and that his old love has never left his heart. He goes to find her but it’s too late, she has forgotten him. And so he’s left sad and lonely, longing for the love of his Gricel.


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Spanish: Gricel

No debí pensar jamás
en lograr tu corazón
y sin embargo te busqué
hasta que un día te encontré
y con mis besos te aturdí
sin importarme que eras buena...
Tu ilusión fue de cristal,
se rompió cuando partí
pues nunca, nunca más volví…
¡Qué amarga fue tu pena!

No te olvides de mí,
de tu Gricel,
me dijiste al besar
el Cristo aquel
y hoy que vivo enloquecido
porque no te olvidé
ni te acuerdas de mí...
¡Gricel! ¡Gricel!

Me faltó después tu voz
y el calor de tu mirar
y como un loco te busqué
pero ya nunca te encontré
y en otros besos me aturdí…
¡Mi vida toda fue un engaño!
¿Qué será, Gricel, de mí?
Se cumplió la ley de Dios
porque sus culpas ya pagó
quien te hizo tanto daño.

English: Gricel

I should have never thought
about winning your heart
but I looked for you, however,
until one day I found you
and stunned you with my kisses,
not caring that you were good…
Your hope was made of crystal,
it broke when I left
because I never, ever came back…
Your sorrow was so bitter!

Don’t forget about me,
about your Gricel,
you said to me as you kissed
that image of Crist,
and today that I live mad
because I haven’t forgotten you,
you don’t even remember me…
Gricel! Gricel!

I then missed your voice
and the warmth of your gaze
and I looked for you like a madman
but I never again found you
and stunned myself with other kisses…
My whole life was a deception!
What will, Gricel, become of me?
God’s law was carried out,
because he’s already payed for his guilt,
he who hurt you so.


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