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Ficha de oro

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Ficha de oro (Golden Token) is the title of a tango milonga written by Enrique DIzeo. The music was composed by Carmelo Di Nápoli.




Carmelo Di Nápoli

Year of composition:


Lyrics writer(s):

Enrique Dizeo

The poet recalls past times and the values of the simple life in the Buenos Aires of old.


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Spanish: Ficha de oro

Soy del tiempo que se fue, con la canción,
que en Buenos Aires se oía
en la guitarra cantar, con emoción,
"Pobre mi madre querida";
cuando el mate iba y venía
detrás del pan de cremona
y era sentir un placer, pasar así,
más de un atardecer.

Aprendí del pasado a ser quien soy,
a dejar un recuerdo donde voy
y a saber que un buen amigo en la vida
vale más que lo que pueda tener;
y ayudar sin que me rindan honor
al que a mí venga a pedirme un favor.

English: Golden Token

I belong to that time that went away with the song
that was heard in Buenos Aires
singing in the guitar, with emotion,
’Poor, my beloved mother’,
while the mate would come and go
after the Cremona bread[1]
and it was a pleasure so to spend
more than a sunset.

I learnt from the past to be who I am,
to leave a memory wherever I go
and to know that a good friend in life
is worth more than anything I may have;
and to help without receiving honors
from whomever may come to me asking for a favour.


  1. Cremona: sort of salty bread, typical accompaniment for mate.

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