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Farolito de papel

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Farolito de papel (Little Paper Lantern) is the title of a tango written by Francisco García Jiménez in 1927. The music was composed by Mario Lespés and Teófilo Lespés.




Mario Lespés
Teófilo Lespés

Year of composition:



Lyrics writer(s):

Francisco García Jiménez


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Spanish: Farolito de papel

En tus cuentos me engañé
y en tu arrullo me dormí
y dormido me quedé
solo, y pobre mi vivir.
Esta noche me encontré
la cartita del adiós
en la almohada donde ayer
me juraste eterno amor.
Farolito de papel,
que alumbraste mi vivir
con la luz amiga y fiel
del querer que yo perdí.
Otro lado alumbrás hoy,
te apagaste para mí.
Y yo a oscuras aquí estoy,
solo, y pobre mi vivir.

Solo quedé...
¡Yo no tenía más que a ti!
Pobre... porque
¡eras un mundo de ilusión!
Vuelvo a encender
el triste pucho del ayer, para aliviar
esta amargura brava
que hoy me das.

Vos sos linda, vos tenés
pinta fina... y engrupís.
Vos un mundo prometés
y sin dar te despedís.
Vos el traje te adornás
con mi otario corazón,
y los de otros, que al pasar
tu reflejo encandiló...
Pero, al fin, apenas sos
Farolito de Papel
y una noche en lo mejor
chamuscada has de caer.
Cargarás también tu cruz
cuando sepan que tenés
mucho humo y poca luz,
farolito de papel…

English: Little Paper Lantern

With your stories I deceived myself
and to your lullaby I fell asleep
and stayed asleep
alone, with my poor living.
Tonight I found
the little letter of farewell
on the pillow where yesterday
you swore to me eternal love.
Little paper lantern,
you lit up my life
with the light, friendly and faithful,
of the love I lost.
You illuminate a different place now,
you’ve died out for me.
And here I am in the dark,
alone, with my poor living.

I was left alone...
I had nobody but you!
Poor... because
you were a world of illusion!
I light up once more
the sad cigarette of yesterday,
to relieve this rough bitterness
you give me today.

You’re pretty, you have
a fine look... and you deceive.
You promise a world
and without giving anything you say goodbye.
You decorate your suit
with my stupid heart,
and those of others who, passing by,
were dazzled by your reflection...
But, in the end, you barely are
a little paper lantern
and one night, at the best of it,
you’ll fall down, scorched.
You too will carry your cross
when they know your have
much smoke and little light,
little paper lantern.


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