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Dichas que viví

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Dichas que viví (Joys I Have Lived) is the title of a tango written by Enrique Lupi. the music was composed by Fernando Lupi.




Fernando Lupi

Year of composition:


Lyrics writer(s):

Enrique Lupi

The poet longs for a lost love that once was both happy and ephemeral.


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Spanish: Dichas que viví

Dichas gratas de un amor
tan puro sin melancolías,
que se ha muerto
en mi vida paria
cual rosa de un día.
Dichas que viví y no volverán,
dichas gratas que mis ojos
en silencio llorarán.
Dicha mía
que vivió un instante
para no olvidarla,
y en las notas,
en este vals triste
vengo a recordarla.
Dichas de mi ayer
que murió y se fue,
dichas gratas
que a vivir de nuevo
yo no volveré.

English: Joys I Have Lived

Pleasant joys of a love
so pure and without melancholy,
now dead
to my outcast life
as a one-day rose.
Joys I have lived and won’t return,
pleasant joys my eyes
will quietly weep for.
Joy of mine,
alive but for an instant...
not to forget it
in the notes
of this sad waltz
I come to recall it.
Joys of my yesterday,
dead and gone,
pleasant joys
I won’t ever have the chance
to live again.


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