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De barro

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De barro (Made of Mud) is the title of a tango written by Homero Manzi in 1943. The music was composed by Sebastián Piana.




Sebastián Piana

Year of composition:



Lyrics writer(s):

Homero Manzi


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Spanish: De barro

Estoy mirando mi vida
en el cristal de un charquito
y pasan mientras medito
las horas perdidas,
los sueños marchitos.

Y están tus ojos queridos
en el espejo de barro,
fantasma de mi cigarro,
reproche y olvido,
condena y perdón.

Vuelven tus ojos lejanos
con el llanto de aquel día.
Pensar que puse en tus manos
una culpa que era mía.
Pensar que no te llamé
y me alegré
mientras estabas penando,
pensar que no te seguí
y me reí
cuando te fuiste llorando.

Y hoy que no vale mi vida
ni este pucho del cigarro,
recién sé que son de barro
el desprecio y el rencor.

Así midiendo tu pena
noches y noches consumo
buscando ver en el humo
del pucho que fumo
tu imagen serena.
Y al encontrarte perdida
entre cigarro y cigarro,
sé que fue todo de barro,
de barro mi vida,
de barro mi amor.

English: Made of Mud

I’m contemplating my life
on the crystal of a little puddle
and while I meditate
the lost hours pass by,
the wilted dreams.

And your dear eyes are there,
on that mirror of mud,
a ghost of my cigarette,
reproach and forgetting,
condemnation and forgiveness.

Your distant eyes return
with the tears of that day.
Just to think that I put in your hands
a guilt that was mine.
To think that I didn’t call you
and was happy
while you were suffering.
To think that I didn’t follow you
and laughed
when you left crying.

And today that my life
is not even worth this cigarette butt,
only now do I know
that contempt and rancor are made of mud.

Like that, pondering your grief
I go through nights and nights,
seeking to see in the smoke
of the fag I smoke[1]
your serene picture.
And when I find you, lost
between cigarette and cigarette,
I know it’s all been made of mud,
of mud my life,
of mud my love.


  1. The musicality of the play with the Spanish words humo (smoke) and fumo (I smoke) is lost in translation.

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