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Déjame amarte aunque sea un día

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Déjame amarte aunque sea un día (Let Me Love You, If only for One Day) is the title of a tango written by Venancio Juan Clauso. The music was composed by Ernestina Lecuona.




Ernestina Lecuona

Year of composition:


Lyrics writer(s):

Venancio Juan Clauso

Precisely because of the certainty that it won't last, the poet savours the moment of the blooming of love and invites his beloved to join him.


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Spanish: Déjame amarte aunque sea un día

¿De dónde vino esta alegría de vivir?
¿De dónde surge este deseo de cantar?
¿Por qué entreveo luminoso el porvenir?
¿Por qué en mi pecho el corazón siento vibrar?
Es el milagro de tu amor embriagador
que ha disipado toda sombra de dolor
y pone rosas en mi camino
y un peregrino
y sutil fulgor.
Mañana lloraré tal vez
la dicha y el placer de hoy
pues bien sé que riendo y llorando
se vive el amor.
Los celos clavarán en mí
su flecha cruel y ya sin fe
he de sentir sangrar
mi corazón por ti...
Por eso aquí, junto a tu pecho he de cantar
y he de besar para olvidar, tu boca en flor.
Ebria de amor, quiero en tus brazos desmayar
que puede ser frágil y breve nuestro ardor.
Amemos hoy, un alma hagamos de las dos;
ríe y no pienses en la hora del adiós.
Déjame amarte auque sea un día,
¡que esta alegría
nos acerca a Dios!

English: Let Me Love You, If only for One Day

Where did this joy of living come from?
Where from does this desire to sing arise?
Why do I glimpse a luminous future?
Why do I feel my heart vibrate inside my chest?
It's the miracle of your intoxicating love
which has disipated all the shadows of pain,
and places roses on my path
and a wandering,
subtle gleam.

Tomorrow I may cry
over today's joy and pleasure,
for I know well that it's laughing and crying
how love is lived.
Jealousy will stab me
with its cruel arrow and empty of faith
I will feel my heart
bleed for you...

That's why here, by your chest, I will sing;
and to forget, I will kiss your blooming mouth.
Drunk with love, I want to falter into your arms,
since our burning may be fragile and brief.
Let's love today, let's make one soul out of these two;
laugh and don't think about the time of farewell.
Let me love you, if only for one day...
This joy
brings us close to God!


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