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Cuando se ha querido mucho

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Cuando se ha querido mucho (When One Has Loved Greatly) is the title of a tango written by Enrique Dizeo in 1945. The music was composed by Federico Leone.




Federico Leone

Year of composition:



Lyrics writer(s):

Enrique Dizeo

Having lost a great love, the poet spends the night smoking, drinking mate and longing for the one who is no longer there.


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Spanish: Cuando se ha querido mucho

Cigarrillo y mate, mate y cigarrillo,
y la noche oscura castigándome
y mi pensamiento en tu pensamiento,
así estoy las horas recordándote.
Cigarrillo y mate, mate y cigarrillo,
y una pena grande por lo que sufrí,
por lo que sufro cuando me pregunto
dónde están tus besos, qué será de mí.

No entiendo
cómo puedo estar viviendo…
Será porque te estoy viendo
mucho más cerca que nunca
a pesar de que no estás.
Si vieras
cuánto sufre mi alma entera
al no tener quien me quiera,
en la vida nadie más.

Cigarrillo y mate, mate y cigarrillo,
y un hombre angustiado, sin saber qué hacer:
si seguir luchando o seguir tus pasos,
porque tengo ganas de volverte a ver.

English: When One Has Loved Greatly

Cigarettes and mate, mate and cigarettes,
and the dark night punishing me,
and my thoughts in your thoughts,
that’s how I spend the hours remembering you.
Cigarettes and mate, mate and cigarettes,
and a great sorrow for what I've suffered,
for what I still suffer when I wonder
where your kisses might be, what will become of me.

I don’t understand
how it’s possible for me to live…
It might be because I see you
much closer than ever
in spite of your absence.
If you saw
how much my soul suffers
without anyone to love me,
without no one else in life.

Cigarettes and mate, mate and cigarettes,
and an anguished man, who doesn't know what to do:
if I should keep on fighting, or follow your steps,
because I want to see you again.


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