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Corazón, no le hagas caso

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Corazón, no le hagas caso (Heart, Pay No Attention) is the title of a tango written by Carlos Bahr. The music was composed by Armando Pontier.




Armando Pontier

Year of composition:


Lyrics writer(s):

Carlos Bahr


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Spanish: Corazón, no le hagas caso

Corazón, no le hagas caso,
no te amargues por su ausencia,
que no vale ni la pena,
vamos... vamos...
Para qué vas a tomarlo así,
si no se lo merece.
¡Corazón, no le hagas caso,
que aún se puede ser feliz!

¡Qué importa!
si al fin de cuentas su desvío
nos mostró que no tenía
ni franqueza, ni cariño.
es mejor que así haya sido.
Por eso,
aunque duele ser golpeado, corazón,
¡qué nos importa!
si todavía en nuestra vida
la esperanza es una amiga
que nos presta su ilusión.

Corazón, no le hagas caso,
que a la vuelta de una esquina
otros sueños nos convidan,
vamos, vamos.
No te amargues porque al fin su amor
fue sólo flor de un día.
¡Corazón, no le hagas caso,
que es inútil tu dolor!

English: Heart, Pay No Attention

Heart, pay no attention,
don't get bitter for her absence,
it's not even worth it,
come on... come on...
Why would you take it so,
if she doesn't deserve it.
Heart, pay no attention,
because you can still be happy!

What does it matter!
If in the end her drifting away
showed us she didn't have
sincerity nor love.
it's better that it's been like that.
That's why,
even though it hurts to be hit, heart,
what do we care!
If in our life, still,
hope is a friend
that lends us its illusion.

Heart, pay no attention,
because around some corner
other dreams invite us,
come on, come on.
Don't get bitter, at the end her love
was only a one-day flower.
Heart, pay no attention,
because your pain is useless!


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