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Con permiso

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Con permiso (With Your Permission) is the title of a milonga written and composed by Alberto Mastra.




Alberto Mastra

Year of composition:


Lyrics writer(s):

Alberto Mastra


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Spanish: Con permiso

Volví, sin que me llamaran
aquellos que hicieron
ayer mis compases.
Los que me bailaron,
los hombres capaces
de darle a esta criolla
todo el corazón.
Volví, con todas las ganas
de ser la milonga
la musa del pueblo,
que el nombre que llevo,
del pueblo nació.

Con permiso, si me dejan,
con permiso,
no quisiera molestar,
soy milonga
y en cualquier parte que piso
no me gusta estar de más.
Con permiso, si me dejan,
con permiso,
tengo ganas de bailar
y si notan que estoy algo envejecida,
por favor no me lo digan,
que me van a hacer llorar.

Yo sé que todo se pierde,
por eso comprendo
que estoy olvidada
y el que me recuerde
será por tristeza
de verme más vieja
por serme más fiel.
Y yo seguiré fingiendo
que soy la invencible
milonga del pueblo,
hasta que Carriego,
me lleve con él.

English: With Your Permission

I’ve come back, without the calling
of those who yesterday
created my beats.
Those who danced with me,
men capable of giving
their whole heart
to this criolla.[1]
I’ve come back, with a big desire
to be the milonga,
the muse of the people,
because I carry a name
that was born from the people.

With your permission, if you let me,
with your permission,
I wouldn’t wish to bother,
I’m a milonga
and wherever I set foot
I don’t like to feel out of place.
With your permission, if you let me,
with your permission,
I feel like dancing
and if you notice I’ve aged a bit,
please don’t tell me,
because you’ll make me cry.

I know everything passes,
that’s why I understand
that I was fogotten
and that whoever recalls me
will do so out of sadness
for seeing me older,
for being loyal to me.
And I’ll keep pretending
that I’m the invencible
milonga of the people,
until Carriego
takes me with him.


  1. Creole woman, in this case, personification of the milonga itself.

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