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Como el hornero

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Como el hornero (Like the Ovenbird) is the title of a tango written by José Rótulo in 1944. The music was composed by Manuel Sucher.




Manuel Sucher

Year of composition:



Lyrics writer(s):

José Rótulo

The poet laments his own helplessness, but also compares himself to the ovenbird, because of its tenacity to start over after everything has been destroyed, without losing hope for a better future.


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Spanish: Como el hornero

Hace su nido el hornero
a lo largo del camino,
por sostén teniendo un poste,
el motivo es el amor.
Y si manos traicioneras
le destruyen el abrigo,
al otro día, contento,
levanta un nido mejor.

Yo también, como el hornero,
tuve mi abrigo
y la mano del destino
lo destruyó.
Al igual que el pajarito,
quedé sin nido,
agobiado por la pena
de mi dolor.

No ha de ser mi noche larga,
tal vez brille en mi sendero,
una estrella de esperanza
con un rayo de ilusión.
Y algún día en mi camino,
al igual que el pobre hornero,
he de hallar un pecho amigo
que me dé su corazón.

English: Like the Ovenbird

The ovenbird builds its nest
alongside the road,
having a post as support
and love as reason.
And if treacherous hands
destroy its shelter,
it erects a yet better nest,
cheerful, the following day.

I too, like the ovenbird,
had my shelter
and destiny’s hand
destroyed it.
Just like the little bird,
I was left without a nest,
overwhelmed by the sorrow
of my pain.

My night won't be long,
a star of hope
might shine on my path
a ray of illusion.
And someday on my road,
just like the poor ovenbird,
I will find a friendly chest
that will give me its heart.


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