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Colorao colorao

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Colorao colorao is the title of a tango written by Celedonio Flores in 1930. The music was composed by Alberto Acuña.




Alberto Acuña

Year of composition:



Lyrics writer(s):

Celedonio Flores

A man hurries along the road with his load, chased by the imminent rain. All along he urges his lazy horse to hasten the pace, and asks the storm to wait until he’s sheltered under his roof.


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Spanish: Colorao colorao

Un relámpago a lo lejos
cruzó como puñalada
y un trueno tras el reflejo
rodó en la sombra angustiada.
Una carreta cargada,
con un farol titilante,
se va hamacando cansada
siempre sendero adelante.

Hay ansias de pasar pronto
del repecho al otro lado;
después déjelo que llueva
cuando estemos resguardados.

Colorao, colorao,
siempre sobón.
Colorao, colorao,
¡ah, guaicito regalón!

Qué pucha, la Loma Negra
hoy es como nunca 'e larga,
empezó a chispear, por suerte
llevo tapada la carga,
la seda, el paño, la sarga,
la yerba y la medicina,
no corren el riesgo y menos
el pañuelo pa' la china.

Ya ventió[1] pa' la querencia[2]
el Osco, y pega un envión,
el Colorado, como siempre
tan pesadazo y sobón.

Colorao, colorao,
siempre sobón.
Colorao, colorao,
¡ah, guaicito regalón!

Gracias a Dios que pasamos
muy a tiempo la cañada,
pues cuando crece es difícil
salvar de alguna volcada.
Ya diviso la ramada
y la luz de mi ranchito,
picanearé al Colorao
despacito, despacito.
Qué pucha si el Osco tiene
más apuro que los dos,
dejá que llueva, que el agua
es la bendición de Dios.

English: Colorao colorao[4]

A lighting in the distance
crossed the sky like a stab
and a clap of thunder after the flash
rolled on the anguished shadow.
A loaded wagon,
with a twinkling lantern,
rocks itself wearily
always forward.

There's eagerness to pass soon
from the steep slope onto the other side;
afterwards, let it rain
when we’re sheltered.

Colorao, Colorao,
always lazy.
Colorao, Colorao,
oh, you spoiled thing! [3]

Darn, the Black Hill
today is longer than ever.
It has started to drizzle, luckily
I carry the load covered,
the silk, the cloth, the twill,
the yerba and the medicine
don't run any risks, and least of all
the shawl for the china.

The Osco sniffed the air homeward
and gave a shove,
the Colorado, as always
remained so heavy and lazy.

Colorao, Colorao,
always lazy,
Colorao, Colorao,
oh you spoiled thing!

Thank God we passed
the ravine right on time,
because when the water rises it’s difficult
to avoid the tipping-out of the load.
I can already make out the foliage
and the light of my little ranch.
I spur on the Colorao
gently, gently.
Damn, the Osco
is in a bigger hurry than both of us.
Let it rain, because water
is God's blessing.


  1. Non-academic, conjugated form of the verb ventear, which makes reference to the way some animals sniff the air as if in search for a particular scent.
  2. querencia: (pop.) Home, place where one lives or is originally from. The term's filiation with querer (in this case meaning to love, to care for), connotes affection and emotional attachment.
  3. The original verse is Ay guaicito regalón!. Guaicito may be thought to be a form derived from guai: thing, deal, mess. And regalón: conceited, spoiled.
  4. Colorao: form of colorado, lit. ’red’. In this case it's the name given to a horse.

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