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Cautivo (Captive) is the title of a tango written by Luis Rubistein in 1941. The music was composed by Egidio Pittaluga.




Egidio Pittaluga

Year of composition:



Lyrics writer(s):

Luis Rubistein

The poet sings about a lost love he’s unable to forget, tormented by the struggle between his own will and his heart.


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Spanish: Cautivo

Nunca podré comprender,
ni lo quiero pensar,
qué hay en tu amor.
Niebla sin fin, pena veloz
que abre los rumbos de mi mal.
¡Cómo quisiera poder
olvidarte y huir!
No verte más para arrancar
este dolor y no sentir
que he de morir así.

Pero siento que no puedo vivir
sin tus manos, tus caricias, tu amor
y que soy un prisionero
de tu desamor.
Vieja angustia de saber que no soy
quien tus sueños enredó en un cantar
y sentir que igual te quiero
para mi mal.

Y es un tormento este amor
que no puedo matar,
ni amordazar.
Sé que al morir me va a seguir
hasta la tumba tu mirar.
Y cuando intento escapar
de este infierno sin fin,
la voluntad me dice sí,
el corazón me grita ¡no!
¿y para qué luchar?

English: Captive

I’ll never be able to understand
nor do I want to think
what’s in your love.
Endless fog, swift sorrow
that opens the paths of my misery.
How I wish I was able
to forget you and run away!
Not to see you anymore
to rip out this pain and stop feeling
I am to die like this.

But I feel I can’t live
without your hands, your caresses, your love
and that I’m a prisoner
of your indifference.
Old anguish of knowing I’m not the one
who tangled your dreams in a song,
and of feeling I still love you,
much to my own grief.

And this love is a torment
I can’t kill
nor silence.
I know that when I die your eyes
will chase me to the grave.
And when I try to escape
from this endless hell,
my will says yes,
the heart yells no!
and why fight it?


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