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Carrillón de la Merced

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Carillón de la Merced (Carillon of La Merced[1]) is the title of a tango written by Enrique Santos Discépolo and Alfredo Le Pera, The music was composed by Enrique Santos Discépolo.




Enrique Santos Discépolo

Year of composition:


Lyrics writer(s):

Enrique Santos Discépolo
Alfredo Le Pera

The poet shares a moving dialogue with the bells in the tower of the Basílica de la Merced in Santiago de Chile. Their sound speaks to the traveller’s wounded heart, and he, in turn, lets out the confession of his own grieving, which he leaves there as farewell when the moment comes to continue the journey.


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Spanish: Carrillón de la Merced

Yo no sé por qué extraña razón, encontré,
Carillón de Santiago que está en la Merced,
en tu son inmutable la voz de mi andar
de viajero incurable que quiere olvidar.
Milagro peregrino
que un llanto combinó.
Tu canto, como yo,
se cansa de vivir
y ruega sin tener dónde morir.
Penetraste el secreto
de mi corazón,
porque oyendo tu son
la nombré sin querer...
Y es así como hoy sabés
quién era y qué fue,
¡la que busco llorando
y... que no encontraré!
Mi vieja confidencia
te dejo, Carillón.
Se queda en tu tañir
y al volver a partir,
me llevo tu emoción
como un adiós.

English: Carillon de La Merced

I don’t know for which strange reason,
Carillon of Santiago located in La Merced,
I found in your sound the voice of my steps,
the steps of an incurable traveller who wants to forget.

Pilgrim miracle
put together by weeping.
Your song, just like me,
gets weary from living
and begs without a place to die.

You entered the secret
of my heart,
because hearing your song
I called out her name without wanting to...
And that’s how today you know
who she was and what happened
to the one I search for in tears
and... I won’t find!

I leave you my old secret,
It stays in your ringing
and when I depart once more,
I’ll take your emotion with me
as farewell.


  1. Basílica de la Merced: a very famous cathedral in Santiago de Chile.

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